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Great Yarmouth Commercial Diving

Great Yarmouth Commercial diving Specalists

Red7 is a leading Commercial Diving Services Contractor operating across East Anglia. Red7 also specialise in Inland and Coastal Asset Inspection, Maintenance and Marine Construction. We are available 24/7 for emergency call-outs for vessel inspections and propellor / thruster clearances.

Primary markets are within the Inland and Inshore marine construction sectors with projects delivered by time-served and highly competent dive teams who share Red7‘s commitment to ‘The One Team Approach‘ philosophy where clients come first.

Red7 operates in accordance with the UK’s stringent HSE statutory and regulatory standards, allowing its quality-based contracts to be delivered within approved framework agreements, working for utilities, Tier 1 contractors and consultants, along with a number of overseas contractors, nuclear and offshore renewal energy and private clients.

Red7 provides a comprehensive range of containerised and modular Air and Nitrox Commercial Diving and Confined Space and Access/Rescue equipment, together with inspection and underwater inspection tools packages.

the ONE TEAM Approach

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Commercial Diving Services Ultra-thermic Broco Cutting

Great Yarmouth Commercial Diving Services

  • Inspection of marine structures above and below water with our in-house Diving Engineers
  • Outfall pipeline installation, repair and inspection
  • Diving within nuclear electric power stations forebay’s and inlet / outlet structures
  • Slipway installation, repair and inspection
  • Wet stick welding of anodes and double plates to steel sheet and tubular piling
  • Ultra-thermic (Broco) cutting of steel sheet piles and structures
  • Scour protection:
    • Concrete mattresses
    • Gabion baskets
    • Grout mattresses
    • Frond mattresses
  • Concrete and grout placement
  • Salvage and recovery
  • Demolition of marine structures
  • UXO identification and removal
  • 24/7 Emergency Vessel Propellor / Thruster Clearances

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