The one team approach

H&S Responsibility

Our principals are simple, to safeguard our people and contractors, our greatest resource:

  • The health & safety of our employees take priority over all other considerations
  • Providing an incident-free workplace for our employees and subcontractors

To achieve our objectives, Red7 management recognises that demonstrating commitment to our principles is crucial.

The following key measures help us to achieve our goals:

  • Ensuring that all of our operations are conducted in accordance with, or exceed the requirements, of all pertinent health & safety legislation and relevant industry guidance and good practice;
  • Implementation of an effective Health & Safety Management System;
  • Setting strategic objectives and KPIs and monitoring progress to continuously improve our management systems and processes;
  • Implementation of a robust risk management process to ensure all operations are comprehensively assessed to identify hazards and effective control measures are applied as far as reasonably practicable to reduce residual risk;
  • Provide training for employees to help them to complete their work in a safe manner and to invest in the development of new knowledge and skills to enhance their competence;
  • Ensure all plant & equipment provided is effectively managed so as to provide our employees with reliable, safe equipment.